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Developer: ScienceApps
2.42 usd

This app edit fuel mapping which the Fuel Injection controller Enigma for YAMAHA CYGNUS-X BWS125 . On your purchase, if you connect a BlueTooth Enigma CYGNUS-X android support version,
Other operations of the following Enigma body, I can in a variety of Android devices.
- cancel / set the engine speed limiter.- The maximum 2500μS the engine rotation and throttle position for each fuel injection increase / decrease can edit and write-read.- displayed in 3D graph increase or decrease the amount of fuel.- view the throttle opening , tachometer and oil temperature(type-P only) monitor in real time.- The fuel map, showing real-time engine speed, throttle position of the current.- arbitrarily set the rev limit.- the digital acceleration pump.- corrected for the actual TPS sensor.- save and create multiple fuel data, you can swap immediately when needed.- adjust idling rotation.(type-P only)-Engrish,Chinese(Taiwan),Japanese localize.
If you leave it and not be able to connect to the Enigma, exit the app once, after releasing the pairing, we reboot the server, please connect by pairing again.
The terminal of some of the foreign-made and attention Fujitsu, you will not be able to connect a problem on the terminal side. Please note that your purchase.Requires pairing set before connecting. And pairing, please close to 30cm within the distance between the Enigma at the time of connection after pairing first.There is no direct linkage function of the data and the PC version. Please migrate the data via the Enigma.